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Oh, lovely.

I post the "off hiatus" notice and miss the next comic. Great. I swear, I'm back! I promise!

Posted by werekitty13 @ 04 Dec 2011
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If you're watching Catatonic, but don't have it as a favorite no your Smack Jeeves account, please add it to your favorites for me. It always makes me happy to know that people actually look at this stuff.

If you don't have a Smack Jeeves account, you can make one here. Then search for Catatonic and add it to your favorites! Thank you!

Posted by werekitty13 @ 17 Jan 2011
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About that darned mouse.

I like my mouse. I really do. I'm used to using it. As a mouse. I probably won't be drawing with it any time soon, however much I said I was going to. Ah well.

Posted by werekitty13 @ 23 Dec 2010
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Still going strong!

Okay, so we might or might not be switching to digital drawing, depending on when I get my new mouse and if I like it. It's a finger mouse which I might be able to use more like a pencil. Fun, yes?
Also, my thoughts are that perhaps-- PERHAPS-- I may switch to a different time schedule. Don't worry, it won't be slower IF I do. I'm getting the comics done pretty quickly.
Also no more color schemes. I hate color schemes (drawing them, that is) and I will not draw any more.

Posted by werekitty13 @ 19 Sep 2010
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Updates on schedule!

Great! Not a single comic has been entirely late. The photo don't count, cause I'm fixing it. I now have a fan that isn't my best friend or a member of my family! Thank you, kitsune fire!

The updates have been on time so far, but that might change. School starts in a week, and I might not have time. If there's a change in schedule, I'll let you know.

Posted by werekitty13 @ 24 Aug 2010
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