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SPOILER ALERT. There may be spoilers on this page for new readers.

Comic Development

The comic has been through a lot of changes. First it started off as just a gag comic, with two girls and their brother. Then it had one of the girls be a catgirl, but it was otherwise just a gag comic.

After that, I tried to give a reason for Jayna to be a catgirl- her dad was a scientist, he left something out, and Jayna ate it. She grew cat ears and a tail, couldn't change back, and had stayed that way ever since. This was to change, too- Jayna was taken into a lab and injected with cat DNA. This storyline followed Portal a little bit. The robot controlled everything, and eventually went crazy.

Then it came out more to what it is now. Jayna was found as a small child and was taken in by Bridget and Cid's adoptive mother. Their mother was single, and adopted the brother and sister. She later died... somehow. The collar Jayna was wearing when she was found triggered her transformation somehow, and that's where the story stops. For NOW... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no, I didn't say anything. Why?

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