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Wake-up Call

11 Sep 2010

That would distract me from my musical meditation, all right.
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Author's Comments:

Posted by werekitty13


Early! Great, maybe I can actually make a buffer!

Anyways, this page was bothersome. Her fur didn't turn out right (the computer made it too red- the brown is browner than that. It's Bridget's hair color.) Also, it was hard to do the color schemes. Other than that, it's great!

I just ordered this new mouse that maybe will act like a $5 alternative to a Wacom tablet. Maybe.
It's at:
So I might be doing digital drawing. Who knows?

@kitsune fire: Yeah, me too. I wish that was my alarm...
@Scomo: Now I understand what you mean.
@Cliff 133: I know!
@Minerva: I did not know that when I drew this page, but I do now, and those lyrics make so much more sense.

Posted at 07 Sep 2010

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Posted at 25 May 2018

Reader's Comments:

kitsune fire
Posted by kitsune fire

OMG I love you that is my favorite song XD

Posted at 11 Sep 2010

Posted by Scomo

Zebragirl moment.

Posted at 30 Apr 2011

Cliff 133
Posted by Cliff 133

VIVA-LA-VIDA! auto fav

Posted at 12 Jun 2011

The lyrics are 'Now in the morning I sleep alone' not 'Now in the morning I sweep the lawn'

Gotta love google :) Good for a lot of things :) Such as looking up definitions. For words like catatonic. Or looking up lyrics :D

Posted at 07 Oct 2012

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