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Second Anniversary!

17 Jul 2012

Too many Jaynas... and Annabelles?
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Posted by werekitty13

This is amazing. Two years since I posted the first Catatonic strip. The characters have changed so much! But the very first sketch I drew was five years ago. And it was the only character to not have changed in the least -- Bridget. Unfortunately, I do not still have the very first sketches. If I did, I would expose them to the world!
Okay, to explain the picture. There have been several versions of Bridget and Cid's sister, although they themselves haven't changed much. The Jayna we all know and love is actually Jayna version 6.
Version 1 was the five-year-old Annabelle. She had slitted eyes, pointed ears, an unbelievably long braid, and an insane love for cats.
Version 2 Annabelle was a gothic preteen. She was quite intelligent and snarky, much like Sylph is now. I still don't know what I was thinking. I was twelve. Give me a break. Version 3 Annabelle kept her styled blue hair, but dropped her gothy personality and adopted a love for all living things. She was perky and bright.
Soon, I changed Annabelle's name to Jayna. With this change came a complete makeover, and she became version 4. She was still a bit snarkier than she is now, but she became a bit of a catgirl. I say "a bit" because she was actually part fox, cat, raccoon, and possibly squirrel. It was a confusing amalgum. Back then, her backstory was that she was taken into a laboratory called Blue Moon, injected with DNA and subjected to a number of tests. The story was quite dark at this point, as when Jayna broke out, she found her parents had both died. Admittedly, this was a ripoff of Portal.
This is when Jayna began to become more like our Jayna in appearance. Version 5 had brown fur and hair and a collar, but had shorter hair than our catgirl. She also did not have a human form. Her personality was more cynical than the current character. She was an outcast of the world and had no idea what happened to her parents. Depressing, I know.
Version 6 Jayna finally came along! She was born when I decided I didn't like the outcast angle. She got a human form and long hair. I love long hair. She had no character when I started drawing the strip. However, as I found what made her more fun, Jayna became bright and energetic, with many creative ideas. Her collar held the key to unlocking her cat side. However, she gained the ability to morph without the collar once she knew about her other form. She became the most fun character I had.
My other characters have hardly changed at all. Bridget was exactly the same stick-in-the-mud as she is now, but of course with more personality. Cid was more techy and blabby and had a girlfriend and non-pointy hair. Weird, I know. Oz was still a redhead, but his hair wasn't jaggy. And he was boring. They were all boring, come to think of it. Jayna has gone through the most superficial and inner changes. And even now, she has the most character development and personality.
Thanks for sticking with me for two years, and for reading that whole speech. It means so much that people would want to read my artwork and believe in me enough to encourage me to keep going for this long. It's such an accomplishment for me! Two years! Thank you all so much!

Posted at 17 Jul 2012

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