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31 Mar 2012

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Posted at 25 May 2018

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Posted by werekitty13

According to Japanese legend, bakeneko are cats with supernatural powers. Cats were considered bakeneko if they fullfilled certain requirements. Living to be ten years old, drinking lamp oil, or being at least eight pounds in weight were conditions of being considered a bakeneko. Most catgirls are actually bakeneko. Nekomata are a form of bakeneko. The Japanese believed if a cat's tail grew too long, it would split in half and the cat would have supernatural powers such as human speech and transformation.

@kitsune fire: I did not know that! Maybe I'll have to explore that story in the future. Immortality sounds like a rather exploitable trait. But what regrets could I have? Hmmm...

Posted at 01 Apr 2012

kitsune fire
Posted by kitsune fire

Nekomata are also considered to have been cats who have died with regrets so they can't die because these regrets bind them to the human world almost like ghosts

Posted at 11 Apr 2012

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