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08 May 2011

He does mean EVERYTHING.
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Author's Comments:

Posted by werekitty13

Yeah, it's late. Yeah, it's hand-drawn. Yeah, it's black and white. Yeah, there's no Mother's Day special. But hey! This is here!
I really couldn't figure out what to do for Mother's Day, so...

@raven41: Yeah, I really like this one. I'm even pleased with Cid's hair! AMAZING!
@rbandboy: ...The house is not GlaDOS. Well, not YET...
@keesu: Well, I've never PLAYED Portal 2. So there will be no Portal 2 references. Probably Portal 1 references though!

Posted at 08 May 2011

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Posted at 23 Jul 2018

Reader's Comments:

Posted by raven41

Did your best on this one.:) Me like.

Posted at 09 May 2011

Posted by rbandboy

The Cake

Are we thinking with portals yet?

Posted at 13 May 2011

Posted by keesu

Yah it is definably based on portal, but we need more recordings of Cave Johnson.

Posted at 21 May 2011

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